Happy New Year 2015!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas Break. I’m starting off this year right, by being sick. I recommend it to anyone.

2014 saw two animations from me. Spider Powers 10 and TMNT it’s just a mask. Not as notable as past years, but let’s change that up this year by getting more than one animation out every 6 months. :p

Currently I’m working on the next episode of Spider Powers. Yes I’m sorry I still have dumb ideas to animate for this show. The show may start expanding on current characters and have a more cohesive story line, or it may just still be all random.

Also some of you may remember we are making another game. Development on this had been slow and sporadic in the past, but happy to say progress has been made in the past few months. This game has gone through several changes. Originally it was developed and created in Flash, then moved to Construct 2, till finally choosing Flash Dev and Axel.

It’s been a learning experience creating this game. Which will be applied to any future games we create.

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