Game of Thrones Spoof (WIP)

Decided to start a new animation spoofing Game of Thrones. The initial title will be Jon Snow is a Dick, but that could change. Here are the rough sketches as of now.

Updates and Next Flash Game Progress

After a long wait – we are back in business working on our overdue flash game. Life, Work, and lack of sleep are the main delays, but we are back on it.

It will be our first platformer game ( like there are not enough ), but hopefully it will be a fun time waster. I am creating all the visuals for the game plus the animations, while my cuddly programmer codes the thing. There is still plenty to work on like Character Animations, Backgrounds, Cut Scenes, Voice, Sound Effects, and not to mention Coding, but we have a large portion of everything done already. We haven’t even come up with a title yet.. eshh.

Vampire Game Screen Cap

Also I have more Animations scripted, partially animated, or rough ideas needing to be fleshed out. I am in the middle of Spider Power 9 as we speak. lol So many things I want to do, but no time. Ughhh.

Back to Animating.

P.S. Eddsworld: Legacy (fundraiser) if you are a fan and wish to still see EddsWorld continue please check this out.