Twisted Metal 2 Review

Twisted Metal 2

Power Ups, Homing Weapons, and Hours of Fun! This is Mario Kart on killer shrooms! The Twisted Metal series has to be one of my all time favorite shooting game, specifically Twisted Metal 2 for PlayStation.

Welcome to Twisted Metal

Twisted Metal 2 is a shoot’em up on wheels. Tweleve different vehicles equiped with a shit load of weapons pitted agaisnt eachother to the death for the ultimate prize; any wish your heart desires.

TwistedMetal2_Calypso The competition is held each year by a man named Calypso. Not much is known about him, except he is a burnt face man who has the power to make your wishes come true, however, the cost of the wish might be more than you bargined for. Calypso has the annyoying habbit of litterally taking you at your word, so phrase your wish right, and make sure you cover all the loop holes.

What makes Twisted Metal fun are the cars. Each car handles different for speed, armor, and manuvering. All competitors get the same weapons and powers ups as the rest, except for each car’s specific special weapon. Figuring out who handles best, and figuring how best to use a characters special, is what makes the game’s replay value so high.

As far as graphics the game is shitty and glitchy at best. The scale of the buildings compared to the cars and poor texturing make it an eye sore to watch, but really the mechanics of the game make up for the lack in visuals.

What makes the replay value even higher is the 2 player action. Sure you can play against the computer and to an extent it’s a challenge, but playing against your friends and coming up with a strategy to defeat him/her cause they are just as good at the game as you makes it worth the kill!


Outlaw 2

Twisted Metal 2 Outlaw 2

“Last year Calypso banished my brother; sent him spiraling off into who knows where, he broke my heart and disgraced my family. This year, me and the rest of the LAPD got a little surprise for that burnt face freak.”

Outlaw has to be my favorite character. Her special is an omni tazer that can zap multiple opponents at once if they get too close. It’s always fun to zoom past others and quickly get a set off your special and they don’t even see it comming! HA! She handles well and has decent armor, so she can take a hit or two.


Twisted Metal 2 Roadkill

I know the truth, you freak! You sit back in your living room with your little video game console and play, play, play! But I know what’s happening, I can see you! They think I’m crazy but you’ll find out I’m the only one who’s sane!

Roadkill is a piece of junk, litterally. His car is just scrapped parts here and there, but he can take a hit. His special is a boomerang that packs a decent hit. If you can time it just right to hit your opponent while the boomerang is heading back, it adds to the damage!

Mr. Grimm

Twisted Metal 2 Mr. Grimm

“You live off food. I live off souls. Souls like yours to be exact. When I win this contest, you and everyone else are gonna be my seven course meal. You see, when I win, I’m taking destruction and doom to a new whole level.”

Mr. Grimm is death on 2 wheels, haha! No really he is Death! Mr. Grimm rides a motorcycle, which makes him almost the fastest character. His special is a shrieking skull that shoots dead on straight, so you have make your aim count if you’re hitting a moving target. Mr. Grimm’s special can kill you in about 2 hits, unfortunalely that’s about all it takes to kill him too. His armor is the weakest of all.


Twisted Metal 2 Spectre

“I remember back when I was a kid, everyone ignored me, in fact, they still do. That has to change, right? I can’t be a loser forever. In fact, I’m gonna get help from Calypso when I win this contest, I know just what to ask him for.”

Spectre has pretty decent handling and speed. His special is a ghost missle that can hunt you down and go through walls. The cheating bastard! His special makes a high pitched sound, so you can hear your death before it happens.


Twisted Metal 2 Axel

“For 20 years, I’ve been stuck in this hellish contraption; hiding and waiting for the day when I would be brave enough to fight back. If I win, I’m asking for the strength to confront the man who did this to me. I promise you, I won’t be a freak forever.”

Axel has to be one of the most unique characters in the game. He has been stuck in a 2 wheeled contraption for years, but handles it pretty well. Axel packs quite a punch for a guy who has his hands trapped. His special is a radial ground wave, that deals a great amount of damage. Never get to close to this guy if you can help it.


Twisted Metal 2 Twister

“They say there’s a place you can only get to by driving a certain speed. It’s a place where time and space explode into another world. That’s my goal, I want to find that place, when I win Twisted Metal, Calypso’s giving me the road map.”

Twister is just that, speed and distruction on wheels. Her special is tricky to use, but effective if used right. Twister’s special causes a tornado to form around her picking up any and all opponents near her causing them to smash into eachother, and unfortunately her. The trick is to use your shield so you don’t get caught up in all the damage as well. Her armor is pretty weak too, but she is the fastet character.


Twisted Metal 2 Shadow

“What he took from them can never be forgiven or replaced. What they have hired me to do is their only hope. They are in the back right now and resting quite peacefully, but I promise, they will have their revenge.”

Shadow is pretty interesting. He is an Undertaker who drives a hearse, that shoots out souls as his special. His special is used like a remote bomb. You activate your special and a souls shoots out straight in front of you, then you set it off like a bomb. Don’t be near it yourself of you will be apart of the exposion.


Twisted Metal 2 Warthog

“They used to call me Old Iron Guts. Now they just call me old. Well, I may be old, 105 to be exact, but I can still show these punks a thing or two about combat. When I win this contest, I’ll fulfill the one mission that has eluded man since the dawn of time.”

Warthog is a Hummer and slow as shit, but makes up for it in his armor, and his special. He shoots off 4-6 missles at once all ready to whoop your ass if you’re in their path.

Mr. Slam

Twisted Metal 2 Mr. Slam

“A man’s dreams are all that he has, and they tried to take mine from me! when they fired me from my job as an architect, they crushed my vision, they took my tower! well no more! When I win this contest, Simon Whittlebone is fighting back!”

Mr. Slam has to be another of my favorites. He is a front end dozer that picks you up and slams you against the ground a few times. I would say his special kinda cheats. You get damaged when he grabs onto you, then damaged as he is smashing you, then damaged as he tosses you away. Put your shields up on this bitch.


Twisted Metal 2 Hammerhead

A Twisted Metal Poem by Mike and Stu The clouds are the place we want to be..Far above where we can see…Down women’s shirts The End

Hammerhead is a Big Foot truck with poor handling. His special is just ramming you, but interesting it’s not just him that has to ram you, if you run into him the special activates too, so watch out!


Twisted Metal 2 Grasshopper

“I thought my dad was dead, but I was wrong. When they told me his name, I hit the floor. Could he really be my dad? When I win this contest we’re gonna have a family reunion he’ll never forget for the rest of his life (Which ain’t gonna be too long).”

Grasshopper is a dune buggy with speed and agility. Her special is similar to Hammerheads, in that she runs into you as well and causes damage, however her special seeks you out and hunts you down to hurt you.. just like a woman. Haha.


Twisted Metal 2 Thumper

“For the last 10 years I fought the streets of LA. Fought for my friends, my pride, my own survival. This year I’m heading straight outta South Central and taking on the world, and this time, I’m fighting for a hell of a lot more”.

Don’t let the pink fool you, he aint no girlie man. His special is too hot to handle! Thumper spits out a flame thrower in front, and damn if it doesn’t hurt!

Secret Characters

Sweet Tooth

Twisted Metal 2 Sweet Tooth

“My first home was the circus, my second was a state institute, my next home will be yours, I will be the man who hides under your bed, in your closet, in your mind, when I win, you’ll never be too far from me.”

Ah Sweet Tooth. The series mascot and most insain of all the characters. This killer clown may not be from outter space, but he is still not to be messed with. His vehicle is an ice cream truck that shoots out semi homing ice cream cones. He handles like shit, he has a head on top his car that blocks your view, and his special isn’t that powerful, but it regenerates like crazy. I have no idea why I like him soo much?


Twisted Metal 2 Minion

You found me. I don’t know how but now you and I are linked…’We are one… on a mission to find the man who took our life. Our power, together, we shall bring down Calypso!

Oh shit, this tank is one to watch out for. His armor is the best, his special is very powerful, and he has 6 freak’n wheels! Not much can be said, but hit it, run, and don’t look back! His special is similar to Warthog’s, that it shoots out multiple missles, with the added effect of freezing you and going “OMG he just froze me and he’s heading right for me!!”

Welcome to Twisted Metal, Good Luck Driver!

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