Tank Police Review

Tank Police

New-Port City has a problem with crime, and in order to combat this, the mayor orders the creation of a new police unit: THE TANK POLICE! Trouble ensues when the young and feisty recruit Leona is transferred in from the motorcycle-division, and has a little problem getting used to the tanks, and accidentally destroys the personal tank of the units commander, Lt. Britain. Threatened with re-assignment, Leona builds a new smaller tank out of spare parts of Lt. Britain’s old tank. The new tank, christened Bonaparte, is finished just in time to stop Crime-Lord Buaku and his henchwomen, Annapuna and Unipima, from stealing urine from people who are un-effected by the poison cloud that hangs over the entire planet. Finally accepted into the Tank Police, Leona ends up causing as much, if not more, trouble then the others ever did.

Tank Police was an anime to remember, I had only seen parts of it here and there, then I finally rented it and umm, copied a version for myself. The only problem was the VCR tape I used was too short, and cut off the ending of the series for me. So for the longest time I never knew how it ended ha ha.

Tank Police was a 4 part series made in 1989, and release here in the states in 1992. The animation was awesome and the story was kick’n. Yes I said kick’n. You had these hot babes running around the city causing havoc and having fun. Then there were kick ass tanks shooting and trampling over anything in it’s way. The humor and story were different to say the least. I especially loved the interrogation scene. The guy thought he has the law on his side and stated there was nothing the police would do to him to make him talk. The unit agreed he was right that the police could do nothing to him, however, they were the Tank Police. Which is a totally different division. They were playing Russian roulette with a hand grenade and throwing knives at him. The Chaplain comes in and being a holy person he would be have something against these actions. Nope, he is first in line to start throwing knives and grenades. That guy started talking his head off. Ha Ha, Awesome!

Tank Police A few of the more memorable scenes are when Buaku and his girls, are escaping from the Tank Police. A chase ensues and quickly gets out of hand for the Tank Police. Here they have these big tanks, and still can’t stop these criminals. To add more insult to injury Buaku, Annapuna, and Unipima escape using silicon discs. These discs are sensitive to pressure, once activated they take the form of giant penises. They throw these discs into the streets and the Tank Police have no clue what is coming. Ha..They get taken out by giant penises.

Tank Police Lt. Britain reading up on social skills.

Tank Police To the rescue! Leona and Lt. Britain in Tank Bonaparte.

Tank Police Annapuna and Unipima as depicted on the movie cover. Seriously who wouldn’t buy this anime with this cover?

This series is not the best anime out there, the story is mediocre at best, but damn I loved this series. The Dominion: Tank Police OVA is a prequel to the original manga series. New Dominion Tank Police appears to be a direct sequel to the original manga. To be honest I don’t remember if I have seen the sequel New Dominion Tank Police, but I would watch it anyway.

The characters are ok, but you don’t really get an in depth look into them.

The animation in the movie, is decent quality.

I know there is a story somewhere?

It was fun to hear 80’s music. The voice actors weren’t that great in here, but I enjoyed it.

Even though it’s not perfect, and the story is a bit confusing. Go see it.

I would say this is a decent rental.

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