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The cheap plastic cases maybe beat up, but the PlayStation games are still there! This was a portion of me growing up! :p

Twisted Metal 2 Review

Twisted Metal 2

Power Ups, Homing Weapons, and Hours of Fun! This is Mario Kart on killer shrooms! The Twisted Metal series has to be one of my all time favorite shooting game, specifically Twisted Metal 2 for PlayStation.

Welcome to Twisted Metal

Twisted Metal 2 is a shoot’em up on wheels. Tweleve different vehicles equiped with a shit load of weapons pitted agaisnt eachother to the death for the ultimate prize; any wish your heart desires.

TwistedMetal2_Calypso The competition is held each year by a man named Calypso. Not much is known about him, except he is a burnt face man who has the power to make your wishes come true, however, the cost of the wish might be more than you bargined for. Calypso has the annyoying habbit of litterally taking you at your word, so phrase your wish right, and make sure you cover all the loop holes.

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