Mega Man 2 Review

Mega Man II

Review by God Squirrel

Even though Mega Man didn’t reach the sales Capcom had hoped for, that didn’t stop them from making a sequel. They continued on with a second in the Mega Man saga Mega Man 2, and gave a bit more of a backstory than the original game did. I feel it is worth mentioning that they got Dr Light’s name correct in this game.

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Mega Man NES Review

Mega Man

Review by God Squirrel

Ahh, Capcom. There was a time when you made such wonderful platformers. The Mega Man series was probably one of the most well known and hardest platformer series on the original NES. Many, many hours wasted on that little blue guy with a gun for a hand.

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DBZ: Another Andriod


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I was really sick and really bored at home when I created this in a day.My throat was sore and scratchy and I was watch DBZ, and I got the idea what if anotherandroid showed up, but it was Mega … Continue reading