Ranma 1/2 Review

I love anime. They have the best characters and stories out there. I grew up watching anime and never knew it. Speed Racer, G Force, and others were on cable TV. Today these are crappy examples of anime, but it’s still anime. It was a different type of cartoon then what I was used to watching. I remember watching and being sucked into the stories even as a kid I knew these were good.

This was a tough choice, but I feel it’s a good choice. You either love it or hate it. With it’s love triangle upon love triangles, wacky situations, and even crazier characters this has to be one of the funniest anime I have seen. I am talking about Ranma ½. The title along isn’t the only thing that’s strange about this series. I started watching this series sometime during high school. I didn’t see it in order though, I saw parts of episodes from seasons 2 and 3, then some parts of the movies, then OAV series. So I started in the middle and worked my way to the beginning. Watching it out of order was interesting to say the least. Who is this? What is that? What just happened? Why is that funny? Even with all the questions I had I was hooked.

Ranma 1/2

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Tank Police Review

Tank Police

New-Port City has a problem with crime, and in order to combat this, the mayor orders the creation of a new police unit: THE TANK POLICE! Trouble ensues when the young and feisty recruit Leona is transferred in from the motorcycle-division, and has a little problem getting used to the tanks, and accidentally destroys the personal tank of the units commander, Lt. Britain. Threatened with re-assignment, Leona builds a new smaller tank out of spare parts of Lt. Britain’s old tank. The new tank, christened Bonaparte, is finished just in time to stop Crime-Lord Buaku and his henchwomen, Annapuna and Unipima, from stealing urine from people who are un-effected by the poison cloud that hangs over the entire planet. Finally accepted into the Tank Police, Leona ends up causing as much, if not more, trouble then the others ever did.

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Mega Man 2 Review

Mega Man II

Review by God Squirrel

Even though Mega Man didn’t reach the sales Capcom had hoped for, that didn’t stop them from making a sequel. They continued on with a second in the Mega Man saga Mega Man 2, and gave a bit more of a backstory than the original game did. I feel it is worth mentioning that they got Dr Light’s name correct in this game.

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Mega Man NES Review

Mega Man

Review by God Squirrel

Ahh, Capcom. There was a time when you made such wonderful platformers. The Mega Man series was probably one of the most well known and hardest platformer series on the original NES. Many, many hours wasted on that little blue guy with a gun for a hand.

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Unico in the Island of Magic

Unico in the Island of Magic Unico in the Island of Magic in English, which was released on July 16, 1983. In this film, Unico meets a kind-hearted young girl named Cheri. Cheri’s older brother, Toby, is working for the evil Lord Kuruku, who plans to turn all living creatures, animals and people alike, into zombie-like beings called “Living Puppets” to be his slaves; Toby’s job is to change people into Living Puppets and then lure the Living Puppets to Kuruku’s island castle. After Cheri’s parents and neighbors all get turned into Living Puppets, she and Unico team up to stop Kuruku. Seeking advice from the Trojan Horse, Unico and Cheri learn that Kuruku is a puppet who was mistreated by his owners and discarded. He washed up at the edge of the world – where all unwanted “junk” ends up eventually – and was brought to life with the power of sunlight, determined to take revenge on the human race. With help from the Sphinx’s daughter, Unico – who realizes that Kuruku is really just a lonely, friendless creature – is able to break Kuruku’s spell, but since Kuruku’s hate was the only thing that kept him alive, Kuruku reverts to puppet form, and Cheri keeps him as a toy. Soon afterward, the West Wind finds Unico and spirits him away once again.

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Twisted Metal 2 Review

Twisted Metal 2

Power Ups, Homing Weapons, and Hours of Fun! This is Mario Kart on killer shrooms! The Twisted Metal series has to be one of my all time favorite shooting game, specifically Twisted Metal 2 for PlayStation.

Welcome to Twisted Metal

Twisted Metal 2 is a shoot’em up on wheels. Tweleve different vehicles equiped with a shit load of weapons pitted agaisnt eachother to the death for the ultimate prize; any wish your heart desires.

TwistedMetal2_Calypso The competition is held each year by a man named Calypso. Not much is known about him, except he is a burnt face man who has the power to make your wishes come true, however, the cost of the wish might be more than you bargined for. Calypso has the annyoying habbit of litterally taking you at your word, so phrase your wish right, and make sure you cover all the loop holes.

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