Updates and Next Flash Game Progress

After a long wait – we are back in business working on our overdue flash game. Life, Work, and lack of sleep are the main delays, but we are back on it.

It will be our first platformer game ( like there are not enough ), but hopefully it will be a fun time waster. I am creating all the visuals for the game plus the animations, while my cuddly programmer codes the thing. There is still plenty to work on like Character Animations, Backgrounds, Cut Scenes, Voice, Sound Effects, and not to mention Coding, but we have a large portion of everything done already. We haven’t even come up with a title yet.. eshh.

Vampire Game Screen Cap

Also I have more Animations scripted, partially animated, or rough ideas needing to be fleshed out. I am in the middle of Spider Power 9 as we speak. lol So many things I want to do, but no time. Ughhh.

Back to Animating.

P.S. Eddsworld: Legacy (fundraiser) if you are a fan and wish to still see EddsWorld continue please check this out.

Eddsworld Space Face (Part 1)

After months of waiting Part 1 is here. It’s a bitter sweet moment as the creator Edd Gould passed on before most of the Voice and Animation of the Episode could be finished. Part 2 is still in production from what Tom and the others say. I am not sure where future episodes will go, but one thing is for sure I do not want to see them stop. Enjoy EddsWorld’s Space Face ( Part 1 ), because I know I did.

RIP Edd Gould ( 1988 – 2012 ).

Rip Edd Gould (1988-2012) creator of EddsWorld

Edd you and your British mouth words will be missed. Had a blast getting to know you the short time we talked and your EddsWorld Animations were as always entertaining.

Spider Powers 8


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I figure after a year it was time for more Spider Powers. This wasn’t meant to be the next episode, but after some rewrites it slowly became the next.

Game Design

Welcome to my site. All artwork and animation are created by myself. Here is the link to the games area here.

Endless Runner Leggs
Your typical endless runner, with the added difficulty of controlling 3 characters at once. Jump over enemies and see how far you can run. Will launch soon for Android and iOS.
Leggs Level
Work in Progress
This game is WIP. I’ve thrown together most of the players attack animations as well as their running. Each player must defeat the Vampire on each level. As the player progresses the Vampire gains more strength. This game has been in development for some years now :p

Shooter Games

After a wizards slight mishap in his castle – all appliances come to life and start wrecking the forest. It’s up to a wizard to handle this mess the only way a wizard can – with a shot gun. Play the Game A Slight Mishap

Side Scroller Games

Ocean Therapy is a sea going adventure. You play Kevin Costner in his greatest role yet – savior of the Ocean. After the events of BP’s oils spill you swim around using a sponge soaking up all the oil. You must evade BP’s yacht in the process. Play the Game Ocean Therapy

Difference Games

You just found a cat and left it alone in your house. Spot the differences. Play the Game Bad Pussy

Using existing photos of a model I altered them. See if you can spot the differences. Play the Game Viorotica

Test Animations and Walk Cycles

Below are just a mix of old and unused animations. Enjoy.


If I have the skills you’re looking for and you’d like to work together, email me at just2pale@gmail.com.