Ocean Therapy

Ocean TherapyHelp ‘WaterWorld’ legend Kevin Costner save the oceans from BP. Using the latest in technology Kevin Costner has created a new invention for cleaning the ocean of oil. Will Kevin have what it takes to handle this staring role? Play the game and find out!!

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2017 and on

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas. As the new year approaches and those resolutions kick in its time to put more effort into projects. It’s been many years since the development of several of my games with slow to little progress. Game dev is a side quest that keeps getting distracted by work, family, and other quests. 

I’d like to break the slow habit and actually accomplish a goal by creating something daily. It’s easy to fall into a depression of not feeling like working on this or that. Live Streams could be a way to stay upbeat and positive by interacting more with fans

Lack of motivation happens when a project stretches for long gaps with no progress on art or coding. I create the art while, another persons does the coding. We both enjoy working together, but we both have other obligations that pull our time away from the game.

Sometimes it’s him waiting on me to finish art assets while other times I’ve finished the animations and waiting on him to code it. Our work schedule is usually 10pm Skype chats for a few hours of progress, with occasional face to face visits. While this is a decent way to work it can be demotivating with one party not having time for days to log in and work.

As next year rolls out all I can hope is to better my own time and see what can be accomplished. One way is to start back up using Construct 2. This is an idiots way of making games with little to no experience programming. For someone like me it’s a perfect way to turn out ideas and see them almost instantly. 

I hope everyone enjoys the rest of the year and I’ll see you guys in the next.

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