bbpress vs SMF forums

Ah memories – so it was brought to my attention that my site lacks forums. Back in the day (+6yrs)  ago the forums were a fun place. With shifting hosting providers and website framework the forums got shafted. 

(See pic/link below of the old SMF forums)
Old SMF forums

Now I’ve setup a forum using bbpress that integrates somewhat into my WordPress site. It has a few visual quirks, but seems ok.

bbpress forums

Do you like bbpress or SMF? 

Game #4, SP 11, and future.

Game #4 … sigh this long awaited game is forever in development hell. This platformer (Vampire Game) has been through many iterations only to be put on temporary hold, but only to work on a simpler game. VampireGame

We’ve been off and on with the Vampire Game game that a small break to develop something quick and fun is a needed distraction to get us out of a slump of being burnt out on it.

We will focus on a quick and dirty mobile game then jump back to the Vampire Game. This mobile game has the premise of a jumping egg… Yeah an egg.

IMG_7579.JPGSpider Powers 11 – it’s more than 70% animated and just waiting to be finished. I try to manage time on this series and the game development. Perhaps some comics to help for lack of animation content would be a good idea.

Future – go watch Back to the Future if you want to know.

Final Fantasy VII Remake


Final Fantasy VII was the first Final Fantasy game that hooked me into the series. It was announced at E3 2015 that this remake is happening. 

I’ve spent hours playing this game as a teen. Everyone had it. After several months I borrowed disk 1 from a friend since he was on disk 3. I was sold after just a few hours and bought my own. 

It’s been stated that the remake will not just be cosmetic, but new elements, gameplay, and story will expand the original much in the since of how Resident Evil Remake was handled. If you’ve not played that I suggest you give it a play. 

The funny thing is – it’s been so long since playing Final Fantasy VII that if Square only did change the graphics the game would still be fun, because I’ve forgotten most of the story elements. 

Guess I need to buy a PS4.